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2 min readJul 6, 2022
  1. ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ says Bitcoin investments will be profitable in three to five years
  2. Bitmain to Start Selling New Ethereum Mining Rig Model Wednesday
  3. Cryptocurrency mining heavyweight dumped 79% of its bitcoin holdings to pay debts and maintain liquidity
  4. Voyager Seeks Bankruptcy Protection Amid Crypto Credit Crisis
  5. Most Indian traders impacted by India’s crypto tax: survey
  6. BlackRock, Crypto ETFs Bleed in Biggest Canada Drop in Years
  7. Binance Resumes Local Currency Deposits with Brazilian Payment System Pix
  8. The Crypto Mile: A journey into the metaverse that promises ‘eternal life’
  9. Celsius Repays $183M on DeFi Exchange Maker, Gets Back Collateral, Blockchain Data Shows
  10. First Mover Asia: Crypto Game Consoles Aren’t Needed as Web3 Gaming Has Workers, Not Gamers; Bitcoin Dips, Then Regains Its Perch Above $20K

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Contract: 0x9d427E2fe3ad2Cb93F83118d472A6068B4a778D6

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