How to create FMI Wallet on Bitkeep App

FMI Coin Official
1 min readMay 26, 2022

step-1: Go to and download Bitkeep App

step-2: Launch Bitkeep App and click on “New Wallet”

step-3: Click on generate

step-4: Note down the mnemonics on a paper (NOTE: Don’t capture screenshots or don’t share it to others) If Mnemonics once lost then it can’t be reset

step-5: Click on “I have backed up”

step-6: Solve the Backup Quiz. Select the matching words for the serial numbers and click “Confirm”

step-7: Add BSC Mainnet and click on “Confirm”

step-8: Now your wallet is created succesfully

Now you have created your Bitkeep Wallet successfully
Let’s see how to add FMI Coin to your list
step-1: Choose BSC as your Mainnet and click on ‘+’ icon
step-2: Now search for FMI Coin. If you don’t get any any results then copy the contract address (Contract Address: 0x9d427E2fe3ad2Cb93F83118d472A6068B4a778D6 ) and paste it on the search bar

step-3: Select FMI Coin

Now you have successfully added FMI Coin to your wallet list.
You can also watch this video to know in detail 👇

Buy and HODL the FMI Coin😎