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3 min readAug 8, 2022


  1. Amid possible shutdown, Tencent’s NFT marketplace slows new releases — Tencent’s non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Huanhe has not issued a new NFT for sale in a month, the first time that no new NFTs have been issued for an entire month since last October.
  2. There’s always another nightmarish crypto hack around the corner — The world of crypto can be a cruel and unforgiving place, and while VCs and crypto hedge funds have been happy to bail out institutions, sometimes consumers dabbling in the space find themselves left out in the cold. This week, a couple of pretty high profile hacks cost crypto investors millions, but it was the smaller, more mysterious one that likely left newbie buyers clutching their private keys and praying for the best.
  3. ‘The Merge’ can make crypto payments mainstream again: Vitalik Buterin — Once we have scaling technology […] it actually becomes possible to really try to make crypto payments more mainstream again,” Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin said during his keynote speech at the Korea Blockchain Week 2022 conference on Monday.
  4. Bitcoin, Ethereum edge up; BNB rises; Avalanche adds to gains on partnerships — Bitcoin and Ethereum rose in early morning trading in Asia, along with most other tokens on the top 10 list by market capitalization. BNB rose 3.4% to reach US$325, adding to gains made last week when the Binance exchange, the BNB issuer, said it would add more tokens. Cardano briefly touched a week’s high, up more than 5%, before edging back.
  5. Move Over, Ethereum — Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Has Apps, Too — While market analysts have been panicking about crypto winter, Bitcoin developers have been quietly building more apps. According to a report by Arcane Research, the Lightning Network in particular has developed a diverse ecosystem of over 100 apps across at least 20 categories.
  6. In Crypto Winter, Jesse Powell’s Pirate-King Leadership Style Might Be the New Normal — Kraken CEO Jesse Powell ruffled feathers in June after a New York Times article detailed a “corporate culture war” raging at the cryptocurrency exchange and his subsequent doubling down, in which he criticized the “woke activist movement” and told unhappy employees to quit.
  7. Bitcoin Hovers Over $23K in Weekend Trading — Bitcoin held its footing above $23,000 throughout the weekend as investors seemed mostly recovered from Friday’s surprisingly strong jobs report.
  8. An Edgy Environment at Seoul’s Blockchain Megaweek — It’s blockchain megaweek in Seoul, with BUIDL Asia, Eth Seoul, and Korea Blockchain Week stacked back-to-back over a 10-day period. This being the first set of conferences in Asia post-Covid, there should be a certain energy in the air. And by all means, there’s an excitement about the return of in-person conferences to the continent — masks and all — but the ghost of the Terra blockchain’s spectacular crash still looms large.
  9. Canadian Crypto Firm CoinSmart Is on the Hunt for Cheap Assets — CoinSmart Financial Inc. is looking for deals in Canada, Europe and the US as turmoil in the cryptocurrency industry creates opportunities, according to Chief Executive Officer Justin Hartzman.
  10. A Brutal ‘Crypto Winter’ Will Hit Coinbase Earnings — but by How Much? — Coinbase COIN +4.67% Global is expected to show a sharp drop in revenue and earnings when it reports second-quarter results after the close on Tuesday, as investors get their first chance to see how much damage the crypto-market crash did to the trading platform.

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FMI Coin Official