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  1. Argentine province Mendoza to accept cryptocurrency as payment for taxes — The western Argentine province of Mendoza — the fifth most populous in the country — now accepts cryptocurrency as a payment option for taxes, the Mendoza Tax Administration (ATM) announced on Saturday.
  2. What in crypto hell just happened to all your money? — The recent crypto market turmoil has been headlined by a series of cascading events, including the collapse of Terra UST and the failure of famed hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC). Especially notable and perhaps most impactful is the rash of distressed centralized crypto lending platforms, which have disproportionately caused harm to retail investors.
  3. S.Korea’s internet-only KakaoBank partners with crypto exchange Coinone — South Korea’s internet-only bank KakaoBank has signed a contract with local cryptocurrency exchange Coinone to provide withdrawal and deposit accounts to investors under their real names, per local regulations.
  4. Brazil’s Largest Private Bank, Itaú, Selected by Central Bank to Develop a DeFi Liquidity Pool — In July, Itaú announced that it plans to launch an asset tokenization platform that transforms traditional finance products into tokens and also offers crypto custody services for its customers.
  5. Argentina’s Mendoza Province Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies for Tax Payments — According to instructions published by Mendoza’s government, users will be able to pay with any crypto wallet, including Binance, Bitso, Buenbit, Bybit, Ripio and Lemon. Mendoza will only accept stablecoins for tax payments, DAI and USDT among them, Clarín newspaper reported.
  6. The Truth About Crypto and Sex Work — It’s tempting to imagine sex workers finding it easy to get rich online, with flashy headlines highlighting rare cases where a bitcoin-savvy adult performer made $1.3 million in a single year, for example. The reality is that the average adult performer might earn just a few hundred dollars a month. Accepting bitcoin (BTC) doesn’t guarantee anything. Content creators are still hustling to attract paying clients.
  7. Polkadot Parachain Moonbeam Integrates Cross-Chain Messaging Protocol LayerZero — Polkadot parachain Moonbeam has integrated cross-chain messaging protocol LayerZero to facilitate Web3 interoperability, Polkadot said Monday.
  8. Bitcoin miners, investors still active in BTC despite price fluctuations — Although the price of Bitcoin fell below US$20,000 for the first time since mid-June after sliding 7% in the 24 hours following Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s hawkish speech, the number of addresses holding over 0.1 bitcoin hit all-time-high on Sunday. This was despite mining difficulty for the crypto likely to see its third-highest ever in the next adjustment.
  9. ENS domain name expires as developer is in prison, becomes up for grabs in Sept. — The domain for the Ethereum Name Service Decentralized Autonomous Organization (ENS DAO), eth.link, now displays an empty page with a banner saying the domain has expired, as the only person with authority to renew it is in prison.
  10. Taipei Blockchain Week Imperiled by Government’s COVID-19 Quarantine — In the halcyon pre-COVID days of 2019, the Asia Blockchain Summit was a star-studded event that kicked off with the “Tangle in Taipei,” a debate between crotchety no-coiner Nouriel Roubini, a professor at New York University, and former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes. Moderated by Andrew Neil, then a prominent broadcaster at the BBC, the exchange was fiery and informative and a complete contrast to dull advertorial panels at conferences of the present tense hosted by venture capitalists pumping their bags. Hayes quotes from the conference ended up in the indictment against him, which is a sure sign of a 10x event.

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